A bit about enLihte…


The dream is that we all understand that caring for ourselves is necessary and valuable for our own well being, however this looks for an individual. And from this place of space and love we are able to share ourselves and our gifts with others. 

enLihte hair powders are an invitation to remember your connection to your personal care products, your hair and how this translates as an added layer of love ~ with presence. 

enLihte hair powder is handcrafted in micro batches and available in Light, Brunette, Dark Brunette, and Raven. A lush, gritty powder you work into the roots of your hair to soak up any oils, bringing more volume and texture to your hair style. To rejuvenate your hair and keep it looking fresh, longer. 

The name enLihte is a combination of en: a prefix meaning ‘within or in’ + Lihte (Old English) to illuminate, to make light or easy; these are the guiding principles of the offering of enLihte products. We can enLihte our locks with the light we give to ourselves, with time, intention and care, welcoming lightness and ease into our hair care as way of loving on ourselves. 


Want to know more about the enLihte creator, Lindsay?

Dry shampoo has always been a must for me to maximize time and look polished, but did you know many have loads of chemicals in them? I knew, but didn't really care until I became a mom. To avoid those chemicals potentially transferring to my little ones, I set out to find an organic dry shampoo.

On my quest for chemical free hair powder, I was able to find locally available products but they proved to be ineffective. Then, when I found an effective organic product, it came at a super high cost due to international shipping and fees. What I learned was that effective chemical free hair powders were possible, just not locally available. 

The other thing that bothered me was the eco guilt I felt every time I bought a plastic container that I knew was not good for me or the Earth. I prefer to reuse and refill as much as possible, as a caring act for the Earth. I considered washing my hair more to go without dry shampoo, but after realizing how much time that takes me, I started making my own. 

The clay quest began with multiple rabbit hole internet searches and as the little boxes of test clay arrived, I began experimenting with different types of clay, cocoa, arrowroot, etc., and learned about the properties and abilities of each one. After many rounds of clay trials, I found a handful of ingredients that worked! Once I had a product I loved, and met all my dry shampoo needs, I began to offer it to my friends and family who were also looking for an effective, natural hair powder. 

To my surprise and delight, I was getting messages and phone calls with rave reviews. I was thrilled to have crafted a natural hair powder that worked, saved time and allowed me to feel and look polished while caring for my family, running my household homestead, and working as an occupational therapist. It was a personal win and I had no intention of selling it.

Then, after doing too much, too well, for too long, my body revolted and I hit a point of total burnout in my professional and personal life. I found myself in a situation where I physically couldn’t move and realized something needed to change.

As a result, I focused on self care, my relationship with nature and what was truly important to me. I left my job and turned my attention to this hair powder project, which meets my personal need and I am honoured that it has been helpful to others. I decided I wanted to share it and enLihte Hair Powder was born. I consider my burnout event the cosmic shove I needed to do something different with my life, in so many ways.

enLihte is a natural, refillable personal care product to support effortless confidence while feeling good about what you are putting in your hair.

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