Hair Ritual

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Nurture your connection to yourself and the rhythms of Nature with a seasonal hair ritual

Join me for an online hair party as Autumn settles in! We'll dive into mindful hair care along with ways to embrace the season ahead; including my favorite washing strategies, hair oils for your pre-wash hair mask and a hair combing practice to support your full circle hair care! 

Hair ritual is an invitation to deepen your relationship to your hair and to yourself, while carving out a pocket of time to make your hair care a priority ♡

Estimated time needed for this hair party is 45min. Please bring your oil of choice and wide tooth comb if you would like to enjoy a hair oiling & combing practice together!

At this time, Hair Ritual is being offered as a 1:1 private session, please email to schedule your session 

If you're near the Edmonton area and would like to host a few friends for a hair ritual gathering, in person events are available! Please email for pricing and more details  ♡